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Integrated Services That
Address Pediatric Special
Needs and Other Challenges
Founded and led by Judy Feingold, OTR/L,
Creative Health Solutions
provides Occupational
Therapy, Speech-Language Pathology, allied
services, and supporting modalities delivered by
the collaborative Creative Team that meets daily
and discusses each client.
Integrated Services consists of intake, evaluation,
assessments, plan development, treatment
agreement, scheduling, continual monitoring,
reporting, and next steps. The order and
frequency of these services depends on the client
and the progress we are making.
While specializing in Pediatric Special Needs,
Creative provides full range of services and
programs as both integrated elements of clinical
treatments and by themselves. A representative
list follows:
Creative Therapeutic Partners
Therapeutic Social Groups
PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System)
Creative Learning Through Listening
Interactive Metronome
Feldenkrais (including Anat Baniel)
Reading and Writing
Visual-Vestibular Therapy (Astronaut Training)
Vision Skills Training
Drug Free Pain Relief and Ongoing Pain
with the FDA approved cool light
L laser
Home/School visits and other services
Pediatric care coordination
Developmental screening
Community outreach
"Mrs. Feingold has been our
daughter's occupational therapist
for almost a year. She is a true
advocate for children/individuals
with special needs. She is a highly
skilled OTR/L who is passionate
and provides the latest and most
innovative therapies. Judy Feingold
and Creative Health Solutions offer
a comprehensive approach to
quality health care services in an
otherwise hopelessly confusing
health care arena." - Adriana G   
"We met Judy when our son was 2 years old and we were just beginning to understand
what was the cause of his developmental delay. Judy was the first therapist that our son
really liked and he always looked forward to her visit. She gave us very helpful strategies
to woo him and help him along in his growth. Judy introduced us to 'Floortime therapy'
which gave us a wonderful way to relate, educate and bond with our son. She also
attended his fist IEP meeting and guided us in selecting the most appropriate special ed
pre-school placement. Judy is a compassionate therapist who really cares for the
well-being of any child and we continue to use her a resource to help our son overcome
his challenges." - Veena S
Occupational Therapy
Speech/Language (Feeding/Swallowing)
Therapeutic Social Groups
Learning through Listening
Interactive Metronome
Pain Management
Pediatric Care Coordination
Pediatric Care Coordination
Community Outreach
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"As a client of the
therapists of the Creative
Team expect to be provided
with revolutionary
treatments that will unlock
the potential from within
and accelerate growth,
development, and healing."
- Judy Feingold, OTR/L
We offer full Picture Exchange
Communication System (PECS)
services: a key to providing
capabilities to those denied usual
avenues of communications.
We've integrated the leading listening
modalities and will create a customized
program for your child or you. Modalities
Therapeutic Listening®,* The
Listening Program®, iLs,  and Learning
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Creative’s Accelerated Learning Services™
(CALS) is an intensive individualized
program that addresses learning
challenges and differences. CALS utilizes
leading modalities to achieve measurable
improvements over a short time.
Vist us on
Creative Therapeutic Partners™ is an enhanced
and extended continuation of Therapeutic Social
Pairs. Children are selectively partnered for OT
and Social improvement.
Creative is a certified
Interactive Metronome
Home provider
See our IM page
Creative Therapeutic
Social Groups
are now enrolling for
Break Camps
Spring April 14 -18
Summer June 23 -
August 29
To enroll, click the
links above, call, or
tell us while you're in
the office